deep inside/ PROGRESSIVE, acid electro minimal HOUSE,BREAKS compiled & dj mixed

Latin brazilian afro samba
by xonev6
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Electro House mix CD is coming soon?

New mixcd is now under construction. I'm trying to express the atmospher of party @ Super clubs such as giant village or spundae in LA. Maybe there are not big diffrence between UK and LA. But I bet LA has more rave-oriented sounds in djs set.

I promise you to get lifted on the CD.

So, as a promotion, if you want me spin feel free to contact me.
The set will be mainly electro house, some deep, prog, acid, minimal.

EUや、アメリカの大きなクラブで2005年頃かかってるようなelectro houseと呼ばれるrockin' かつアッパーものに、コアなファンにも人気なminimal、それに、もう少しgroovyでdeepな感じにしたものになる予定です。

おかげさまでchunky deepハウスはほんのあと少しで、silkyも今年の半ば前には売り切れるそうな感じです。今後ともよろしくお願いします。

To my friends:
I put my self disconected for some reasons. I had a good time, I mean literally I had enough trip, and cashed a lot. Pretty much I enjoyed from 6 lines to red bull contest.

I'd be sober until I leave here someday in this year probably summer. By the time, hope see you guys again.
Now I'm ready to have gigs with my ableton, and with my synth so if you want me to spin, let me know in a way. Just we gonna have a good time again.

I've also been working on producing work. It's just time consuming task. I'm now figuring the things out. We'll see the works sooner or later.

by xonev6 | 2006-02-26 14:58 | mixcd