deep inside/ PROGRESSIVE, acid electro minimal HOUSE,BREAKS compiled & dj mixed

Latin brazilian afro samba
by xonev6
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James Zabiela & Sasha @ avalon in hollywood

I went to party called fandation @ avalon.
I've been wondered to see zabiela since I listend his mixcd.
Cuz I heard he's good at club too, while some djs are sucks at clubs.

Actually, He was damn good!!
Technically and all over other aspects, he was real great.

I guess now the dj scene is changing in generation.
Zabiela is gonna be ( actually already he is) icon of a dj.

You know why?
Still Sasha set covered well different kinds of audience. But he used an technique in which raising mid and high right before a break, then boost base again. By dooing same shit, it sounded cheesy. He did other techniques. but Zabiela is good on the fields. More over, Zabiela has dealt with eclectic sounds in consistency.

Overall. he was real great.
At this time, they also spinned with together. That was also rare and amazing.

By the way, I decided to quit both hip hop & R&B, even deep house.
It was really big decision for me. But in order to be more professional, I'm not gonna spin just for somebody without for fun of myself.

I'd be able to serve you guys good progressive house & Breaks mix(cd) and a set at clubs.

Thank you for your support.

by xonev6 | 2005-03-22 19:27 | dj

3/15 release deep house MIXCD latin brazilian flavor



The mix has brazilian flavor with urban san francisco house taste.
ORDER [in Japanese]

ORDER[in english]

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■とにかく踊れる曲。 前半、後半はリスニングにもオススメ。

You can also buy at
amoeba hollywood
Aron's records

Temple of Boom (Melrose ave.)

Show (Los Feliz)
Dance Zone (Santa Monica 3rd st. proenade CD stand)/310-963-7397

by xonev6 | 2005-03-14 18:21 | mixcd