deep inside/ PROGRESSIVE, acid electro minimal HOUSE,BREAKS compiled & dj mixed

Latin brazilian afro samba
by xonev6
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Brazilian Deep House REPRESS

最近は自分で大分かける事がすくなくなったdeep houseですが、やっぱり聞いてて心地いいですね。



by xonev6 | 2006-07-04 04:40 | mixcd

Electro House mix CD is coming soon?

New mixcd is now under construction. I'm trying to express the atmospher of party @ Super clubs such as giant village or spundae in LA. Maybe there are not big diffrence between UK and LA. But I bet LA has more rave-oriented sounds in djs set.

I promise you to get lifted on the CD.

So, as a promotion, if you want me spin feel free to contact me.
The set will be mainly electro house, some deep, prog, acid, minimal.

EUや、アメリカの大きなクラブで2005年頃かかってるようなelectro houseと呼ばれるrockin' かつアッパーものに、コアなファンにも人気なminimal、それに、もう少しgroovyでdeepな感じにしたものになる予定です。

おかげさまでchunky deepハウスはほんのあと少しで、silkyも今年の半ば前には売り切れるそうな感じです。今後ともよろしくお願いします。

To my friends:
I put my self disconected for some reasons. I had a good time, I mean literally I had enough trip, and cashed a lot. Pretty much I enjoyed from 6 lines to red bull contest.

I'd be sober until I leave here someday in this year probably summer. By the time, hope see you guys again.
Now I'm ready to have gigs with my ableton, and with my synth so if you want me to spin, let me know in a way. Just we gonna have a good time again.

I've also been working on producing work. It's just time consuming task. I'm now figuring the things out. We'll see the works sooner or later.

by xonev6 | 2006-02-26 14:58 | mixcd

3/15 release deep house MIXCD latin brazilian flavor



The mix has brazilian flavor with urban san francisco house taste.
ORDER [in Japanese]

ORDER[in english]

Marcos Valle-Bar Ingles
Truby Trio alegre 2004 louie vega's elements of life mix inst
Helena Brown cancao dourada ralf gum's mix(inst) * sample is not inst
Olav Basoski / Opium Scumbagz
venus blu / lost [soul storm records]
Craig Obey & The Electrik Force feat. Chance / Hyp ma tize [husstle recordsing]
Hibiki Connections / Cha-ka-too deeplay
Dj Chus & David Penn feat. Concha Buika / Wil I [Azuli silver]
Sin Plomo / It's You [Tommy Boy silver]
Miguel Migs / Do It For You [salted music]
Kaskade / Steppin out [om records]
Gaelle / Rain [nakid music]
Aya / Sean [naked music](Eric's 2WFU dub)
Sticjgikn Cyclo / Face [irma on canvus]
■とにかく踊れる曲。 前半、後半はリスニングにもオススメ。

You can also buy at
amoeba hollywood
Aron's records

Temple of Boom (Melrose ave.)

Show (Los Feliz)
Dance Zone (Santa Monica 3rd st. proenade CD stand)/310-963-7397

by xonev6 | 2005-03-14 18:21 | mixcd

Chunky deep house new mixcd !

I'm gonna drop another new mixcd again!! ( actually other two cds are still on procedure..... damn... it takes too long.)

Anyway, the mix is especially for rich experienced house music fun.
It come with classics and recent underground deep house which is not so popular among cloud such as Miguel Migs stuff or kaskade.

The Cd would stimulates your new scence for house music. Hope you have fun!!

Here's track list ( I'd put some more tracks though.)

All I Do / Jay-J and Julius papp (shuffle inc)
Crossroads (Dj Spinna mix) / Alison Crockett
Cravin ( Joe Claussell mix)/ Joi
Cravin emotional loop
Keepin’ on (piano cut) / Lazybatusu
Night drive / Frankman
Everybody / Brancaccio & Aisher
I believe / Miles Maeda
Tell you something / Lawnchair_generals
Got my mind / Dark science
Left Hand Jazz(Cuica mix)/ Infekto

by xonev6 | 2005-01-04 21:05 | mixcd

試聴可能! HIP HOP R&B REGGAE MIXCD 2004 best from LA

b0012516_172797.jpgThe CD hits you with that heavy rotation from the radio and clubs, with new joints
from Petey Pabro, Lil Jon, Kanye West, LL Cool J, Ying Yang Twinz, Usher,
Keys, Juvenile, Lloyd Banks,Janet ...
Comin' With The Strictly Radio Flavor

試聴 listen!

N.O.R.E. & Peedie Crakk
Intro / Sly boogie, L.L. Cool. J , Culo,
I like that Bounce to this, / Houston feat. Chingy, Juvenile
Goodie / Ciara FEAT. Petey Pablo
Freek-A-Leek / Petey Pablo
Oh Year! (Wicked remix) / Usher Feat.Lil Jon
Get low (inst) / Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
Salt Shaker / Ying Yang Twins Feat. Lil Jon&The east Side Boyz
Sugar Walls / Jacki-O
The roots / Don't say nothin
On fire / Lloyd Bank$
Lean back / Terror squad
Nothign / N.O.R.E. & Fabolous
Hola back Gal
Slave remix / C-minor
Choosin' / Too short
My baby / Janet Jackson Feat. Kanye West
The one for me / Rashamn Patterson
Hotel (Wicked beat remix) / Cassidy Feat. R.Kelly&Trina
Shake it Dub / Party Break
Son of a bitch / Lady Saw, Marsha
Turn me on(remix) / Kevin Lyttle
It's Friday night / dba Flip
Hey mama(remix) / The Black Eyed Peas
Uh Oooh (inst)/ Lumidee
Dude (remix) / Beenie Man Feat. Ms. Thing vs. N.E.R.D.
Stolen Car / Sting Feat. Twista
All night(Don't Stop)/Janet
Fallen (inst) / Mya
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by xonev6 | 2004-10-06 05:11 | mixcd

Funky & deep house mixcd with bossa & latin taste cover jacket


New jacket is in the process of production. This design is not finished yet. I love this soft texture unique design. She is definitely promissing designer!!
Listen 試聴

1.Faze action - samba 04:24 listen!   
2.Wagon Cookin - mar 07:07listen!  
3.Tom&Joyce - Vai Minha Tristeza 08:39listen!  4.Dalminjo - Bossa Note 02:31listen!  
5.Solaris - Sunshine 05:05listen! 
6.Monkey bars - Shuggie love 05:14listen! 
7.Towa Tei - Funkin' for Jamaica 06:14 
8.Awa Band - Timba 01:29 
9.Callisto - Donedeal 07:04 
10.Joe Claussell - Je ka jo 06:51 
11.Q-burns Abstract Message - This time 03:03 12.Mundo azul- sereia 06:04 
13.Ak- say that you love me(English&Japanese remix) 04:27listen!

14.Aquanote-true love 03:18listen!
 15.Solu Music feat. Kimblee-Fade 03:44listen! 
sample is not mix itself there are linked MP3, real player files
deep house with latin afro samba flavor.
order (English)

The CD has latin taste with a little disco taste, N.Y. deep house classics, and san francisco deep house!! The mix will be able to listen online from December.
You should GET IT NOW!! No doubt.

日本の渋谷の前manhattan2現在sonusでずっとfeatされてるラテンものに、今人気がでつつあるdiscoテイストものそして、n.y.発の定番モノdeep houseそして今一番アツイ西海岸ハウスとまとめてあります。

order (japanese)

by xonev6 | 2004-09-24 05:32 | mixcd

Brazilian deep house classics


1.Sound of samba - Victor davies

2.Pra Manha-Da Lata
3. Odo oya-Ola Jagun&The Ancestral Rhythms
4. Ease your mind-Los Amigos Invisibles (MAW)03:20

5. Ritmo Para Voce - Kiko navarro feat . Concha Buika 02:07
6. Lei Lo Lai - The Latin Project (pro:MAW) 02:47
7. Trinoeta alegre - Africanism 05:12
8. Roda Da Vida - Baccara 03:45
9.How's your life - Tortured Soul
10.No one else AK (remixed by Jon Cutler)
11.Sugar Baby Darlin - Soul Planet
13. Treat me right -Kim English (Jon Cutler) 05:58
14. Lift you up - Sabrina Johnston 01:01
15. Lift you up - Sabrina Johnston 05:08
16. The Cimmerian - Callisto 04:14
17. Les Yeux blues - Martinez 05:41

レビュー1心地よいカフェっぽい音からしっかりとアゲてくれる夏にぴったりな作品。 海沿いを聞きながら聞いて欲しいですね。 オンラインで聞けるけど、製品版は音質mixともに良くなってます。福富 幸宏 muro Jazztronik, Free tempo, 須永達夫 氏 chari chari 井上薫さん あたりが好きな人にはオススメだと思います。
音のバランスを保ちつつ、一曲一曲がお互いの良さ(空気感)を引き出すようなmix。決して同じpitchでつなぐだけでなく、曲それぞれの良さが一番でるpitchでplayされている。djmixされる事によりCD一枚が大きな一曲に聞こえるような、世界感があるmixcdに仕上げてます。 歌詞もすべて一つのstoryとして成り立つように選曲+mixされてます。
order (japanese) 
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by xonev6 | 2004-08-17 09:35 | mixcd